Letter from the Immediate Past Chair Mary Doyle - Building on Momentum

July 01, 2017

Mary E. Doyle
Mary E. Doyle, Immediate Past Chair of the UC Santa Cruz Foundation

Dear Friends,

UC Santa Cruz had an epic year in 2017.

The first ever Campaign for UC Santa Cruz topped $335 million as it came to a close, significantly exceeding the $300 million goal set upon the public launch of the campaign in 2009.

Many exciting campus priorities were funded along the way, but perhaps most importantly, many thousands of donors threw their support to the campus, broadening our foundation of philanthropy and enriching the transformative experience offered to students across the board.

The UC Santa Cruz Foundation had a busy year, starting with a retreat and board meeting in November that included an update on the divisions with presentations from all five of the academic deans. They highlighted their respective centers of excellence and key academic initiatives, giving the trustees an opportunity to understand their direction and share their enthusiasm and excitement for their programs. As the year went on, we undertook more hands-on opportunities to learn about the important work happening on campus, visiting the Seymour Marine Discovery Center and learning about opportunities presented by the Natural Reserve.

We also explored the transformative student experience at UC Santa Cruz and heard from students, college provosts, and other campus leaders. Particularly inspiring was a panel discussion moderated by Jaye Padgett, vice provost for the Division of Student Success, on student success, the Educational Opportunity Program, and student resource centers.

We took time to clarify our aspirations and objectives for the foundation, concluding that we should play a central role on campus as ambassadors, connectors, consultants, advisors, investors, and, most importantly, fundraisers.

Our Board Opportunity Fund sponsored three exciting projects in the fields of linguistics, the farm-to-cafeteria connection, and expanding funding opportunities for research for graduate students and faculty.

We enjoyed building relationships over the past year with the chancellor, the deans, provosts, campus leaders, and students who joined us, and look forward to pursuing the fruits of our discussions.

Thank you all for your generosity and your steadfast commitment to UC Santa Cruz. As the following pages show, you have made a real difference.


Mary E. Doyle
Immediate Past Chair