A Message from the Chair

September 08, 2017

Alec J. Webster, Chair of the UC Santa Cruz Foundation

Dear UC Santa Cruz Alumni and Friends,

I am proud to serve as the Board Chair of the UC Santa Cruz Foundation. 

Candid discussions with fellow Trustees have given me insight as to their interests and motivations for their service.  A recurring theme from our conversations has been the passion and deep concern for our students and their ability to successfully and efficiently navigate the university.  It takes whole, well rounded and diverse people---critical thinkers---to solve the complex problems of our world and help guide the future of UC Santa Cruz. Helping provide some of the resources our students need is what the Foundation will be promoting, advancing and investing in. 

Founded in 1974, the UC Santa Cruz Foundation partners with the Chancellor, administrators, and the campus personnel to advance the University's goals and increase private support. As volunteer leaders, Trustees model their beliefs and convictions through their own giving of time, connections, and finances to serve as advocates, fundraisers, advisors, and stewards of UCSC's endowed funds.

I invite you to explore this website to learn more about the UC Santa Cruz Foundation and how you can help contribute to the success of UC Santa Cruz.  


Alec J. Webster


UC Santa Cruz Foundation