Introducing Linda Peterson

picture of linda peterson

Dear Supporters of UC Santa Cruz,

As a proud 1970 alumna of UC Santa Cruz, I am honored for the opportunity to serve as the Board Chair of the UC Santa Cruz Foundation for the next two years.    

For almost 50 years, Trustees have partnered with the University leadership to advance the goals of the University and help it raise and steward philanthropic funds. As volunteer leaders, the Foundation Trustees devote their time, wisdom, and personal financial support to benefit the University. Trustees serve as ambassadors and advocates for the University.  They support initiatives ranging from Coastal Sustainability to Humanities to Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development and many more.  

My personal reason for serving as a Trustee comes from my desire to see other first-in-family students have the opportunities I had, including not needing to incur debt  When I came to the campus in the Fall of 1966, state funds covered almost every dollar the UC Santa Cruz needed to operate so there was no tuition, only a very small quarterly fee. Today, the costs of attending the University, including room and board and books and supplies, can be a financial barrier for many students, even  for those who receive tuition assistance through CAL Grants. Because of this, I have given to, and pledged to, support the University’s Student Success Initiative, which seeks private funding to reduce financial barriers, help students navigate campus life and promote opportunities beyond the classroom. 

I encourage you to explore this website to learn more about the UC Santa Cruz Foundation and the many ways, including through the Student Success Initiative,  you can contribute to the continued success of the University’s scholars and students in  advancing human knowledge, social justice and equity, and practical solutions to address the challenges of the 21st Century.

Yours Truly, 

Linda Peterson ’70

UC Santa Cruz Foundation
Board of Trustees