FY09 Projects

The Genome 10K Planning Workshop

Submitted by David Haussler, Distinguished Professor, Biomolecular Engineering; Director, Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering

Proposed by Gordon Ringold

Approved August 2008


Genome 10K is an initiative to assemble bio-specimens from up to 10,000 vertebrate species suitable for whole genome DNA sequencing with advanced high-throughput sequencing technologies.  Funds were used to help underwrite a 2-day working conference for leading investigators with sizable bio-specimen collections to come together to achieve this goal.


1.     To create a “virtual” (web based) and actual collection of bio-specimens from approx. 10,000 vertebrate species that is comprehensive, well-documented, available for general research use, and suitable for accurate whole genome sequencing with current and anticipated high throughput DNA sequencing technologies.

2.     To bring great distinction to UCSC by hosting a planning meeting for an initiative with the potential to transform the study of biodiversity and evolution.

Amount funded: $12,500 to match $12,500 awarded by the American Genetic Association to be used for travel and accommodations for the conference.

Faculty organizers

David Haussler, UCSC; Oliver Ryder Zoological Society of San Diego; Stephen J. Obrien, National Cancer Institute.


Challenge Grant for College Renewal Phone-A-Thon 

Proposed by Ken Doctor on behalf of the Partnership Task Force

Approved September 2008


A challenge grant to match donations from a college renewal phone-a-thon on October 25, 2008 where Foundation Board and Alumni Council volunteers made calls to pre-qualified donor prospects. Desired outcomes:

  • Short term: to have at least $10,000 in each FFE and to reach the goal of 20 tiles per college by the end of the tile campaign (June 2009)
  • Long term: Cultivation of prospects and solicitation of major gifts so that each FFE has at least $1 million (3-to-5-year goal).


  1. Lay the groundwork for a successful outreach to alumni and parent donor prospects and provide a rewarding experience for the volunteer solicitors.
  2. Enhance engagement and increase giving by alumni and parents.
  3. Identify top prospects for face-to-face visits.
  4. Provide an “entry level” opportunity for volunteers to do fundraising and experience success.
  5. Advance the Foundation and Alumni Council partnership effort in support of strengthening college-based educational initiatives.  

 Amount funded: $5,000 to match $5,000 from the Alumni Council for a total challenge grant of $10,000.


Challenge grant to help establish the Student Assistance Emergency Fund: Student Affairs

Proposed by Ken Doctor

Approved May 2009


To partner with the Parents Council on a 1-to-1 challenge gift to raise $25,000 in seed money to establish a Student Assistance Emergency Fund.


  1. To establish a discretionary fund for Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs to provide immediate cash support to students in an emergency.

     2.   To leverage funds through a targeted annual fund solicitation by the Annual Fund telephone outreach program.

  1. To engage a new Foundation partner, the newly established Parent Council.

Amount funded: $6,250 that was matched by the Parents Council.


Start-up funds for Business Plan Competition

Proposed by Ted Goldstein

Approved April 2009


Start-up funding for UCSC’s first ever Business Plan competition aimed at connecting students and faculty from a variety of disciplines to foster both the generation and pursuit of commercially viable ideas through partnerships. Students learn from each other and from faculty mentors and members of the Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley business and technology communities.


1.     Foster a culture of entrepreneurship and educate the student body for global entrepreneurship 

2.     Create lasting relationships between the campus community and entrepreneurs

3.     Promote the creation of viable and valuable business enterprises

4.     Raise awareness of UCSC in Silicon Valley

5.     Engage students in improving the business and technology programs

Amount funded:  $10,000 to help underwrite prize awards.

Project sponsors

The Baskin School of Engineering, the Division of Social Sciences, the UC Santa Cruz Foundation, the City of Santa Cruz Department of Economic Development and Redevelopment, and the UC Discovery Grant program.