Mission and Purpose

Working in close partnership with UC Santa Cruz's chancellor, faculty, and staff, members of the Foundation Board of Trustees encourage and accept private support in support of UCSC's mission, while at the same time fostering greater understanding throughout the broader community of UCSC's activities and benefits. 

The Foundation's administrative office provides service, coordination, oversight, and staffing for the volunteer activities, and board and committee meetings of the UC Santa Cruz Foundation Board of Trustees. It links the trustees of the Foundation to the rest of UR and the academic divisions, thus enabling this key constituency to work effectively in support of campus goals.

The specific purposes of this corporation are: 

  1. To promote a greater and better understanding in the community of UCSC's role, its policies and affairs, and its development needs;
  2. To solicit gifts and donations to The Foundation for the benefit of UCSC, and raise funds, and encourage donors to enter into arrangements in support of The Foundation and UCSC programs and activities;
  3. To provide financial assistance by grants, allocations, gifts, loans and other means, to UCSC, its support groups, undergraduate and graduate students and faculty;
  4. To foster, encourage and promote the scientific, literary, educational and charitable purposes of UCSC by constructing, establishing, maintaining, operating, conducting and giving to UCSC, scientific, literary, educational and charitable buildings, equipment and facilities or doing or causing to be done one or more of such things and all other things incidental thereto; and
  5. To do any other act or thing and engage in and carry on any other activity in any manner connected with or incidental to, or calculated to promote, assist, aid or accomplish any of the aforesaid purposes.